Executive Education & Training

Mon, 24 Nov 2014
As competition mounts in the global marketplace leaders are being expected to do more with less. Elmarie Pretorius gives advice on how to manage the daily stresses and pressures of running a business.


Fri, 21 Nov 2014
The department has expressed its desire to root out corruption and maladministration in schools. Government has a "statutory obligation to ensure that these funds are spent as intended".

Youth Development

Government is investing in education and skills development because it’s the most powerful weapons that the youth will need to enable them to run the country's modern economy efficiently.

Information & Communications Technology ICT Training

Wed, 19 Nov 2014
Wits University’s Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) has launched its sixth consecutive skills trends survey in the South African information and communications technology (ICT) sector.


While some parties believe that the quality of education is growing in South Africa, there has been much debate surrounding the ministerial task team report and government's role in preparing young people for the labour market.

Project Management Training

Wed, 19 Nov 2014
Project management specialist Carol Mould explores the issues surrounding project management careers and how these roles are being influenced by the changing world of work.

Skills Development

Wed, 19 Nov 2014
Fake qualifications are undermining real progression. Saqa is hosting a two-day seminar to develop innovative, digitally affordable and effective processes to combat fraudulent qualifications practices.


Wed, 19 Nov 2014
Keeping up with the latest BEE legislation and implementing it effectively can be challenging. Transcend Corporate Advisors have developed the Postgraduate Transformation Internship (PTI) with the aim of equipping BEE champions to meaningfully lead transformation in their organisation.

HR Portal

Wednesday, 19 November 2014
The presentations on 17 October 2014 of the South Africa Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training (PPCHET) provided the public with an insight into the work of these two entities.


Wednesday 19 November 2014
Are you struggling to get a job? Want to know how to make your application stand out from the crowd? HR expert, Sylvia Hammond gives advice to students about ePortfolios, and helps job applicants enhance their chances of getting to the interview phase.

Careers Portal

Thursday, 20 November 2014
Portal Are you planning to further your studies? Unisa registration dates open on the 24th of November till 19th December. If you need financial assistance Eduloan is able to help you fund your studies at UNISA.


  • Global Entrepreneurship Week - 21 November 2014

  • Tech Expo Africa - Nov & Dec 2014

    Skills Universe - Marianna Bibbey

    Friday, 21 November 2014
    According to recent report Services Seta has signed an MOU with a UK Based FET to capacitate 10 local FETs, but why? What could the UK based FET provide better or more than a Private FET in partnership with the Public FET locally cannot already provide for?

    Skills Universe - Willemien Kleijn

    Friday, 21 November 2014
    I am employed by a small training provider that is registered with the ETDP Seta. About 2 years ago, we approached an IT company to help develop a Student Management System for us that would enable us to easily assess our students' work. Since we are a NPO the IT company decided to take us on at a low cost.

    Skills Universe - Des Squire

    Wednesday, 19 November 2014
    For some time now I have been concerned at the number of providers who deliver training where the notional hours (amongst other unit standard requirements) are disregarded. My question to all providers is - How important are notional hours in terms of the requirement of a unit standard?

    Skills Universe - Charles Dey

    Wednesday, 19 November 2014
    For those like me who are given the opportunity to partner with our future leaders there were valuable lessons- in some ways I learnt more than my mentee. As these are lessons which may benefit others I would like to share them.

    Skills Universe -Brian V Moore

    Monday, 17 November 2014
    Where will we find a future filled with respect for all? We, you and I, are responsible to change – to portray a spirit of pure humanness. We raise our youngsters to be responsible, prejudice-free, to be loyal and to be faithful.

    Skills Universe - Sylvia Hammond

    Friday, 14 November 2014
    On 31 October 2014 DHET published the attached one page notice in the Government Gazette 38128 Notice 921. Private providers in HE can now read the regulations and submit your comments, before the end of the month.

    Financial & Accounting Training

    One of the world’s leading financial figures will be speaking at the University of Cape Town on 2 December at a financial forum on the future of financial markets and financial stability.

    Des Squire

    Treating employees, doing the same or similar work differently, may well amount to unfair practice and may be deemed to be discriminatory, cautions Des Squire. He shares some of the other effects of the new labour legislation.

    Executive Education & Training

    As competition mounts in the global marketplace leaders are being expected to do more with less. Elmarie Pretorius gives advice on how to manage the daily stresses and pressures of running a business.

    FET Colleges

    A change in culture and leadership is necessary if higher education institutions are to embrace diversity and uphold the human rights of all students, irrespective of their colour or religion.