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Feryal Domingo, acting executive director of Inyathelo, a nonprofit trust that helps build capacity in NPOs, highlights the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest to ensure good governance and reputational integrity.


Minister Blade Nzimande's decision to dissolve the NSFAS board has finally taken legal effect. While this is viewed as a positive development at the bursary scheme, stakeholders are concerned about the potential impact it could have on students. 

Knowledge has always been power, but these days, the specific knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities and vicissitudes of the modern workplace have shifted dramatically. Sure, the core principles of management and leadership remain important, but to thrive in this dynamic environment, you'll need to cultivate three crucial super-skills: technological fluency, innovation leadership, and commercial acumen.

In an era where lifelong learning has become indispensable, the challenge of motivating adult learners stands at the forefront of educational discourse. Unlike traditional students, adults bring diverse experiences, responsibilities, and motivations to the learning environment, necessitating tailored strategies to foster engagement and growth. 


Being aware of your Sassa grant payment date empowers you to effectively manage your monthly finances. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Sassa grant payment dates for June 2024, including specific dates and grant value increases.

Despite controversy, the BELA Bill passed the National Assembly. Education Minister Angie Motshekga outlined the potential changes for schools if the President approves the bill.

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A survey of more than 5 000 employees last year established that only 36% of respondents were able to access a retirement fund, with only 7% of retirees feeling prepared for their retirement years. Here's how the Western Cape’s Building Industry Bargaining Council’s pension fund is ensuring that minor children of builders today can get the help they need once their parents pass on.

When it comes to labour disputes, companies who choose to ignore a judgement handed down by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) do so at their peril.

Taking out a personal loan is a significant financial commitment that requires careful consideration. It's important to assess your financial situation and consider alternatives before you apply, advises Sarah Nicholson, operations manager of, a platform that helps South Africans make good money choices.


School applications are closed in the Western Cape. However, parents who require placement for their children are encouraged to follow these steps. 

The 2024 academic year is now in motion and TVET Colleges are starting to open their Semester 2 applications. Individuals still interested in enrolling in a TVET College in 2024 can still apply.

Did you pass the 2023 Matric exams? The wait for your official matric certificate is over! They're now available for collection at your school.

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KZN Business Training Centre offers public courses at select locations in Kwa-Zulu Natal according to a pre‑determined schedule. This allows companies with specific, small volume training requirements to train their staff cost‑effectively.

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