Apply Now for NSFAS Funding For Your Studies


nsfas applications now open

Applications are open now for bursaries from the government's funding scheme, NSFAS for university and TVET College studies in 2021. Following the demands for free higher education over the last few years, NSFAS now pays all the money for university and college for qualifying students. But applications close at the end of the month!

Anyone who has received a grant is immediately eligible for a bursary.

For details on who qualifies - and which documents you need - Click here for the information on what you need to apply

Do you have questions about NSFAS funding? Click here for the the answers to all your questions about NSFAS

How do you check whether NSFAS has funded you? Click here to find out how to check

 Ready to apply for NSFAS now? Click here for details now


If you don't qualify for NSFAS you have an alternative - CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR FUNDI EDUCATIONAL LOANS 





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