Alan Hammond


Alan Hammond

Alan Hammond is the CEO of Portal Publishing. Alan co-founded Portal Publishing with his mother Sylvia Hammond in 2003, with the launch of the Skills Portal website.  Before that Alan was an independent HR and skills development consultant.  Alan learned about online publishing while working for the online publishing company from 1996 to 2002.  He started as an entertainment industry writer and rose to the rank of Managing Editor.

Alan studied at the University of Cape Town and holds an Honours Degree in Workplace Change & Labour Law from the Humanities Faculty, as well as the Associate in Management Certificate from the Graduate School of Business

Alan was a member of the Publishing Council of South Africa's association for the internet publishing, the IAB SA for a number of years.

In his spare time Alan is a mountain biking enthusiast and a regular participant in his local parkrun.

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Articles by Alan:

UPDATE THURSDAY 3:10PM: Western Cape Education announces Cape Winelands and Overberg schools remain closed for Friday. Other schools to open. We have the full details.

One month after the country voted, and no one party got more than 50% of the vote, President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the names of the Cabinet members who will be running his Government of National Unity in 2024 and driving his policy for the South African GNU.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has spoken to the media after a full-day's meeting of the ANC's National Executive Committee and outlined the party's plans for the future governance of the country.

More than a million students receive allowance payments from NSFAS monthly. The financial aid scheme has revealed what actions TVET College students must take to receive their NSFAS allowance payments going forward. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the date for the next general election - for both national and provincial parliaments.

The Presidential Youth Stimulus provided 1,7m work opportunities and has placed more than 1million young people as school assistants. These were just some of the successes highlighted by the President in the Sona speech.

President Cyril Ramaphosa took to the stage in Cape Town to present the annual State of the Nation (Sona) speech which aims to update the country  on the work of his government. There was good news for those who benefit from the monthly R350 grant.

What are the requirements to get a Bachelors Pass in your Matric final exams and gain access to university courses? We have all the details for you.

After the glamour of the top learners in the country receiving certificates from the Basic Education Minister at the Matric results ceremony, the School Performance Report was released to show how each of the country's nearly 7,000 schools performed in the Matric exams.

Students whose family income was just a little too high for them to access NSFAS bursaries will now have the opportunity to access government loans to complete their studies. The Higher Education Minister has announced a new scheme which he promised would be open for applications within a couple of weeks.

Nsfas has allocated four financial services providers to manage the payments and allowances to students who are funded by Nsfas. We have all the details you need on how to receive your allowances from Nsfas.

Once you have applied to NSFAS for bursary funding to study at university or TVET college, you need to check up on your application. If they require additional information from you it is very important to provide it as soon as you can. We've got all the contact details you will need to stay in touch with NSFAS.

If you have previously been denied NSFAS funding can you reapply? And if you are currently approved for NSFAS do you have to reapply every year of your course? We have the answers for you about when you have to reapply to NSFAS.

The R350 grant was introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic and has been extended until at least the end of March 2024. This guide will break down the ins and outs of the SRD grant.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, NSFAS, administers funding on behalf of the national government for university and TVET College students in need of financial support.

If you need help with your login to your NSFAS student portal we are here to help. We've got all the info you need to login to your My Nsfas student portal account.


The Sassa SRD grant is re-assessed each month as the Social Security Agency will check whether you have received any income in the month. So you need to check do a Sassa status check each month to see if you will be receiving the grant money.

NSFAS is the best bursary to get because they will pay for all of your study fees, your accommodation then will also give you a monthly allowance. But you have to apply on time to make sure your application has the best chance of approval. We have all the details you need to apply for NSFAS in 2024. 

In this complete guide to doing a NSFAS status check we show you what to do when checking on your NSFAS bursary to make sure you receive your funding.

Using the Ulink student portal is important for all UJ students, If you are going to study at the University of Johannesburg you'll want to read through our comprehensive guide to the Ulink student portal.




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