Bidvest International Logistics


bidvestBidvest International Logistics is a leading global transport and logistics company, with an international network of 250 offices in 120 countries. 

They have offices at every major port and airport in the country and our end-to-end logistics offering includes air, sea and road transport, warehousing and customs brokerage services in all major industries.

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Bidvest International Logistics' Articles:

Bidvest International Logistics experts identify the key criteria logistics companies should consider when deciding on a specialist to safeguard their data. Here's why choosing the right cybersecurity partner is non-negotiable in the supply chain sector.

Sustainability plans may have shifted in a post-pandemic era, but the shape, size, and makeup of supply chains in a bid to build resilience in a firm, can determine how companies become sustainable or not. Bidvest International Logistics shares insights into how companies can enhance their ESG performance by collaborating with suppliers to implement targeted initiatives.

A run-down of how forward-thinking, resilient companies are fulfilling needs in this area and still growing. Logistics companies are now addressing skills shortages.

Despite AI’s incredible advances, human connection rooted in empathy and proficiency to address and exceed customers’ needs is irreplaceable. 




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