Bowmans South Africa


bowmansBowmans South Africa is a law firm which provides legal services to the highest professional standards in Africa. with eight offices in six African countries and over 400 specialist lawyers. 

They ranked first in the 2021 DealMakers Africa Awards and also advised on the deals named East Africa Deal of the Year and East Africa Private Equity Deal of the Year. 

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Bowmans' Articles:

Leading pan-African law firm, Bowmans, suggests eight steps for business to take to ensure compliance with the new POPI Act. 

The new Code of Good Practice on the Prevention and Elimination of Harassment in the Workplace (Code), which became effective on 18 March 2022, seeks to address the elimination and prevention of all forms of harassment (and not only sexual harassment) that pervade the workplace.

Flexibility reigns in the COVID-19-era of remote working, driving trends such as semigration where professionals can escape the big city for the coast or countryside without taking a pay cut. However, with this inherent flexibility comes the assumption that, since an employee’s workplace is conveniently situated wherever they are, they are easily able to work outside of what would in the past have been considered as office or working hours. Welcome to the always-on culture. 




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