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bulelani dyomfanaBulelani is a Writer at Portal Publishing where he writes. His love for writing began in high school when he realised that he had a knack for literature and he then set his sights on pursuing journalism as a career path.

Bulelani has completed a National Diploma in Journalism at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and an Advanced Diploma in Journalism at the same institution. He has written for notable publications in South Africa such as Drum

He enrolled on to journalism not only to better his research skills but to also branch out into broadcast. Additionally, his main intention is to find a way in which he can make a meaningful contribution to society by becoming an active participant of South Africa's constitutional democracy and encouraging others to follow suit.

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Articles by Bulelani:

For the 2024 academic year NSFAS received nearly 2million applications and they have already rejected 124,918 people. If you are one of those who was rejected and you want to appeal we have the the details you need.

Applications for student funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) are currently open. So if you have already applied, it may be a good idea for you to keep track of it.

It's the time of year to decide where you will study and how you will pay for it. The 2024 Funza Lushaka bursary application period is currently open if you're interested in pursuing a career in teaching. 

If you're among the group of South Africans who struggle to make ends meet due lack of financial support, it is likely that you have applied for a permanent social grant. Keeping track of that grant application feedback is just as important and this is what we are looking to guide through.   

Commonly known as the R350 grant, the Social Relief of Distress grant still makes a notable difference in the lives of many impoverished South Africans. So if you applied for November, you will have to familiarise yourself with how to keep track of your application.

Administered by South African Social Security Agency, permanent social grants are intended to financially assist the low income portion of the country’s population. The social grants are provided monthly to ensure that this cohort of individuals are able to avoid absolute poverty.

The misfortune of a declined R350 grant application still affects many beneficiaries to this day. This is partly what makes keeping track of your Sassa appeal status all the more important in avoiding any possible delays to your grant application. 

As Unisa approaches its Spring 2023 graduation ceremonies, the administration has issued a call to all students who have yet to receive their certificates to come and collect them. Let's explore Unisa's certificate collection process, clarify provisions for students unable to attend the graduation ceremony, and outline crucial steps on how to collect their certificates.

The recent decision by the Department of Higher Education to place the University of South Africa (Unisa) under administration has sparked outrage and opposition from various quarters, including university staff members and the institution's council. 

In response to recent concerns over delayed grant payments, Sassa has announced that it will resume publishing the grant payment schedule for the R350 grant. The agency has also addressed concerns of then grant's payment delays.

If you are currently a Grade 12 learner in South Africa, then one of your most important periods of the school year is most likely your final matric exam. Let’s have a look at how many days remain before exams begin as well as a few pointers on how to prepare. 

If you're a recipient of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provided by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), you might be eagerly awaiting your grant payment for the month of August. The agency has now revealed when SRD grants will be paid.

The issue of bullying within schools has left a trail of emotional scars and psychological trauma for many learners across the nation. As part of a step towards combatting this problem, school children might soon gain the ability to seek legal protection against their bullies.

Obtaining a matric certificate is an important milestone, as it can open doors to higher education and employment prospects. However, not all journeys towards this achievement are smooth, as some candidates may face setbacks due to poor results. 

The impact of load shedding has been a topical issue throughout the course of  this year due to how it has exacerbated the country’s socio economic issues. However, the government says measures are in place to have it resolved by next year.   

Now that this year’s May/June period for National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificate exams has passed, The Department of Basic Education has confirmed the closing deadline for matric rewrite registrations. Registrations for matric remarks and rechecks are also near.  

Ever since it was first introduced, the Sassa R350 grant has served to ensure that financially strained South Africans are able make ends meet. However, the grant has rigorous criteria and straight forward application process for beneficiaries to follow in order to access it.  

Unemployment can be a huge burden depending on its underlying circumstances, lodging a UIF claim is thus the best course of action provided you are a registered contributor. But what do you do when your claim is rejected?

Now that the May/June matric exams have come and gone, the importance of the release of their results cannot be understated. The Education Department has now confirmed the date on which learners can expect their results.   

July will be over in just a few days and for Sassa grant beneficiaries this means that the latest Sassa grant payment dates for August 2023 have been announced. Let's have look at them, as well as other important details that will ensure that these grant payments can be accessed without any hassles or delays.




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