Cindy Payle


Cindy Payle is an experienced journalist who writes an all aspects of business, education and training for The Careers Portal as well as The Skills Portal. Cindy has also previously worked as a Public Relations Officer at Wesgro and was part of the marketing team.

She graduated with a Diploma in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication from Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

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Cindy's Articles:

Do you want to know where the money is? In this article, we will look at some of the best high paying jobs in South Africa which may help you make a decision on your career path.

Learnerships are becoming a popular way to develop skills and gain real work experience in the labour market. What is a Learnership? How does a Learnership work? We have the answers to your questions.

Finding the right employee for your business is tough. Keeping the employees you’ve found can be even tougher.

Employees are easy to find. But great employees are scarce. We’re not just talking about people who show up at work on time and complete all their tasks.

Getting your CV to be considered is challenging, particularly when there are so many others applying to the same position as you. Most prospective employers do a quick scan over each CV they receive and if yours isn’t filled with their particular choice of keywords then you’re simply not considered.

Hiring new staff members, especially for a startup business, is an important task that requires a lot of thought. You need to be sure to find the right fit and this goes far beyond what you can learn about an applicant from a CV and cover letter.

Do you feel stuck in your current position? Are you looking for more of a challenge? Many people dream of getting a promotion throughout their working lives, but getting one is not as simple as it say sound. Here are some tips that may help you rise to the top.

It is imperative for job seekers to invest in their career as well as their employment future, especially in today’s competitive job market.

Once you are out of school and finished your tertiary education, you really don’t expect to encounter bullying, but the sad reality is that bullying is rife in the workplace.

Leadership is a key ingredient to success within a company. The leaders are the ones who can make or break the business and are transformational when necessary.

When looking for a job there are many things you should consider. Salary and benefits are obviously at the top of the list. Then comes location, working hours and the number of leave days. But there’s one thing many people don’t think about: the staff members.

There are numerous ways in which a candidate can create a standout Curriculum Vitae (CV) that grabs the attention of a potential employer.

Skills development initiatives don’t mean much in the workplace if real work readiness is not achieved. If the skills taught cannot be implemented by the employee at work, if they amount only to theoretical learning without practical application, will any return on investment be achieved?

Many job applicants think incorrectly that the war is pretty much won once their CV gets the nod and they get invited to a job interview. Yet the shortlisting is only the first hurdle and, once cleared, candidates must prepare to compete on a very different level against other candidates who also passed muster on paper, an expert says.

An online portal that instantly compares finance options for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will help address the number one challenge that SMEs in South Africa face – access to finances.

South African businesses must ensure they have a policy in place to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace and that this policy is effectively communicated and understood by all employees.

What does it takes to succeed in life? A positive attitude is simply not enough. True success takes a plan and action. Some of these skills are taught in school, others on the job, and others we learn from life experiences.

It seems like every account of a successful startup features the same descriptions. Working endless hours, weekends, late nights and never taking any time off. You may believe this is the best way to run a business, but it's not.

Every business has a top employee, perhaps a few if you're lucky. This is the kind of person who works harder than anybody else and never fails to produce quality work. This is the type of employee that you want to stay with you until the end. 

These days, so many people start their careers by taking the first job they’re qualified for. It’s all about finally earning a salary and putting themselves out there. They may move around to different companies, chasing a better salary and a higher position. But taking the first job you're offered, by lead you down the wrong career path. 




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