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crs techCRS Technologies is a provider of solutions and services to the human capital management industry and distributes human resources and payroll products.

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Calls for a four-day work week in the South African context may be premature. Employers have so far been quietly cautious about the subject, but as with most examples of radical change, implementation will be the ultimate test.

Now is the right time to work with a professional organisation that can help you prepare your business so you and your employees are safe.

South Africans are well-known for their participation in stokvel saving schemes where members contribute a fixed monthly amount that is paid out to a specific member on a specified date. 

Even though unlimited leave is not a new concept internationally, the news that a local specialist banking group has embraced it has raised a few eyebrows.

The occurrence of ghost employees on a company’s payroll system ranks as the most difficult type of payroll fraud to detect, particularly in larger companies where no proper controls exist. 




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