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empact groupEmpact Group is a business focused on catering, cleaning, and integrated facilities management. They offer an extensive range of catering and support solutions as well as contract and specialised cleaning, hygiene and pest management solutions as well as support services and Integrated facilities management solutions.

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Empact Group's Articles:

As the MD of Facilities by Empact Group, Andile Mgudlwa shares insights on the pivotal role that education and skills development play in empowering mining host communities.

August in South Africa holds a special significance as it marks Women’s Month, culminating in the celebration of National Women's Day on the 9 August every year. This annual observance commemorates the historic 1956 march to parliament by 20 000 courageous women. Their purposeful protest against the pass laws and other discriminatory policies of the Apartheid regime symbolises a pivotal moment in the fight for equality, unity, and justice.

In order to attract and retain key talent, employers need to come up with innovative ways to address the needs of the increasingly young workforce. More and more companies are now looking towards facility managers to support them develop workspaces that will provide the required balance and keep people engaged. 

The combined efforts of Empact Group’s team power their award-winning supplier development programme which has enabled entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop and go on to become successful in their own right as suppliers to the very company which enabled their growth to begin with. Quite often the graduates from this Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programme create micro-economies and actually end up doing business with each other too and there are some remarkable stories which have blossomed over the years.




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