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Gabriélla is an intern writer at Portal Publishing and studied Journalism at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology

With an interest in reading and writing developing from a young age, Gabriélla is passionate about producing good stories and loves learning as much as she can about all the forms of media she's interested in. 

When she's not writing on her blog, you'll find her re-watching The Vampire Diaries, reading a book or obsessing over Taylor Swift lyrics. 

Gabriélla's Articles:

Often, when an employee has to stop working due to injury or illness, they may have to go without earning an income for the time period. Luckily, becoming ill or injured while at work can lead to you, as an employee, gaining some compensation. 

The University of South Africa is once again in the spotlight for fraud and maladministration within the institution. The Minister of Higher Education has strongly criticised Unisa's failings, but is hopeful for change.

Social grants play a vital role in supporting millions of vulnerable individuals in South Africa, providing them with the means to purchase essential food items and other necessities. Sassa has announced the payment schedule for grant beneficiaries in July 2023. 

Unisa's second semester registration period has officially opened. The distance learning university has the largest university system in South Africa by enrollment, attracting a third of all higher education students in the country.

Millions of South Africans receive their social grants on a monthly basis. However, many face issues with collecting their grant payment from Postbank. There may be different reasons for these issues. 

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme has established a new payment method students can use to access their monthly allowances. University students have been advised to open a NSFAS bank account to conveniently receive their allowances.

Creating a harmonious work-life balance or work-life integration is critical to improve not only our physical, emotional and mental well-being, but it’s also important for your career.

Money is an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people, which is what makes asking for a raise or negotiating your salary so difficult. However, these conversations are important to have in order for you to get a paycheck you deserve and have stable financial wellness. 

The period for online learner applications for schools in the Northern Cape have officially closed. The Northern Cape Education Department urged parents to apply before it's too late.

The Economic Freedom Fighters have called on government to further assist unemployed youth, as youth unemployment is an ongoing stressor in South Africa, only worsening under the high cost of living.

If you have applied for a Sassa grant for June 2023, or have submitted an appeal, you can track the status of your application and/or appeal with a few simple steps.

The Department of Higher Education has been attempting to improve the higher education sector for some time now, with a number of plans and strategies being implemented to reach this goal. However, there is still a significant amount of work to be done.

Several health care organisations have expressed concern over the critical shortage of nurses in the country, while student nurses took protest action demanding to be placed under community service programmes.

After a two-year investigation, the Special Investigating Unit has uncovered millions of wrongfully claimed UIF payments. This is not the first time that fraud has occurred within the Scheme. 

Parents are once again frustrated with the online school applications system, that is a challenge each year. The Gauteng Education MEC is expected to announce application dates for the 2024 school year soon.

Networking can be a great way to get your career started, or to continue growing it. However, making common networking mistakes can prevent any job seeker from getting hired. 

Another one of South Africa's universities have been placed under the microscope, after allegations of funds mismanagement have surfaced. The Minister of Higher Education is contemplating on which course of action to take in light of these reports.

Many matric learners hope to obtain a Bachelor's pass when their results are released. While some do achieve this goal, the Education Department has put plans in place to improve the number of Bachelor-level passes amongst matriculants.

While free higher education is a hope many students have, there have been a number of setbacks in seeing that idea become a reality, especially surrounding the group of missing middle students.

South Africa's unemployment rate has increased once again, proving that more work needs to be done to ensure substantial progress is made in reducing unemployment in South Africa.




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