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Business expert Dr Erika Zeelie, Deputy Head of Faculty: Commerce at The Independent Institute of Education, says that hospitality helps a business go beyond the transactional exchange of goods and services – and with consumer expectations of service levels currently at an all-time high, hospitality in business has become a competitive edge that can’t be ignored.

Young people, students and professionals who have not yet learned to touch-type will do well to consider making this small learning investment that will reap benefits for life, an education expert says.

Many people feel as if they’re running on empty at work by this time of year, but according to a leadership expert, now is a good time to think about implementing practices that will ensure we maintain energy after the holiday break and can perform at our best in the new year.

Postgraduate students in South Africa will, as of next year, be able to pursue an innovative new study path with the launch of a Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Thinking by South Africa’s leading private education provider. 

As technology continues to advance, so does the way we learn. Online learning continues to grow in popularity, with most educational institutions now adopting a strategy of extending their offering of online courses and programmes. 

Few seasoned business travellers still regard multi-day work trips with the enthusiasm their younger selves did. In fact, business travel leaves most people exhausted and not exactly energetically productive.

Qualifying with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree is a massive milestone, the culmination of years of hard work, late nights, intense focus and unrelenting dedication. But as many law graduates realise when they leave the university gates for the last time, achieving this notable qualification is only the first step on the road to becoming a legal professional, as many are unsure regarding what their next step should be, and what the options available to them are.


Most parents wish to provide their children with the skills, competencies and therefore education to become successful and accomplished in their careers.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) have long been considered differentiating factors contributing to success in the workplace, but in the volatile economic landscape that has come to characterise the past few years, a new kind of intelligence has emerged as the one that sets apart those who adapt and grow in their careers – Adaptability Quotient, or AQ for short.

Community Engagement should form a vital component of any successful and responsible higher education provider, not only because it is a moral imperative, but also because it is one of three key pillars of higher education alongside Teaching & Learning and Research.

At the start of the academic year, university students tend to make decisions without carefully considering the purpose and potential consequences that these decisions will hold for themselves and the people close to them. 

We are all familiar with the idea of  AI Singularity – even if we don’t necessarily know the term. Movies like the Terminator series have firmly established the concept in the popular imagination: At some point, machines become self-aware, examine the threats to their existence, and promptly decide to wipe out their biggest threat – we, the humans.

The match between a qualification and the prospects of finding employment is one of the things aspirant students need to take increasingly into consideration given tough economic conditions, an education expert says.

Having a good qualification and a great track record provide compelling reasons for employers to consider a candidate for a position, however many with these crucial qualities never even make it to the interview list because of simple but persistent mistakes.

This year, matrics will head to exam rooms for the last time in their high school careers. Some will find themselves in a terrifying situation where they hit that dreaded black - an inability to recall information despite months of solid preparation and dedicated study. This is arguably students' biggest fear as they write some of the most important examinations of their lives so far. 

The idea of a fresh start can sound appealing to many. Leaving that old and stressful job behind and stepping into a new career filled with excitement and opportunity, but this is not a decision that should be taken lightly. A lot of thought and strategy must go into successfully moving from one career to another

Hundreds of thousands of newly graduated young people are currently considering their next steps. While the obvious, and somewhat expected, next step is throwing themselves into the business of searching for work, there are other options available which can make them bridge the gap between the world of study and the world of work, an expert says.

The recent release of OpenAI's ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, raising questions about its impact and implications across various industries. One sector that urgently needs to consider questions around the opportunities and challenges surrounding ChatGPT in particular, but artificial intelligence in general, is higher education.

With the rapid growth of private higher education in South Africa, prospective students now have a wealth of options when choosing not only what to study, but also where. So, public university or private institution?

When it comes to university and matric exams, desperate learners and students who feel that cheating may be their only shot at passing should reconsider, and not only for ethical reasons, an education expert says.




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