Suzaan Beneke


Suzaan gained her Journalism and Media Studies qualification from Damelin with a thirst for great content. She then went on to be a writer for The Skills Portal.

With a passion for creativity, Suzaan previously worked as a content writer at Digital Content Lab and an intern journalist at Radio CCFM.

Her creative mind paired with her experience in digital content creation has her delivering high-quality, engaging, and click-worthy content. Her cheerful and humorous personality comes through in all that she does, so she'll captivate you with what she delivers.    

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Suzaan's Articles:

Blended working conditions are very common as many companies juggle between in office working and working from home. Some companies have opted to adopt this for even more procedures, such as interviews. Here are some top tips to master your upcoming Zoom job interview.

College students are often under the impression that they’ll get a well-paying job as soon as they graduate from college. Unfortunately, with South Africa’s current unemployment rate, finding a job that soon after completing their studies remains a pipe dream for most. Some graduates are fortunate enough to find work in their field of interest soon after graduation, while others spend months looking for work; some are even willing to accept an unpaid internship to gain experience. 




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