5 Tips To Grow Your Leadership Skills And Lead Well


Some people are born leaders, some aren't. Here are five top tips which will grow your leadership skills and see you lead well.



Whether or not you have the title or platform, you can demonstrate the qualities of a leader in your everyday life. So how do you set yourself apart for future leadership opportunities?

Here's how.

Be a Team Player

According to the Center for Creative World Leadership's world leader survey, “organizations are looking for leaders who are collaborative, inclusive and team-oriented.

Individuals who are able to help their teams deal with conflict and create productive environments will be identified as leaders in their departments or circles.

Lead from where you are

It can be challenging to influence others when you have not been formally recognized as a leader but the most authentic leaders are those who set an example where they are.

“Improving communications and taking on difficult tasks gets you noticed by team leaders and managers.”

Be an expert but keep learning

“Performing well in your current role is an excellent way to get noticed.”

However good leaders look beyond their immediate role in order to explore other possibilities. “Look around and identify what additional skills and jobs you can master.”

A good leader understands the value of possesing expertise and learning new skills.

Be open to feedback

It's not always easy to hear about your faults or weaknesses. In fact many people avoid feedback because they are not willing to change. But a good leader uses criticisms to grow.

“When you are criticized or make a mistake, own it.”

Learn from your mistakes by asking other leaders how you should have handled the situation.

Know your client needs

An effective leader understands their customer base. “Up-and-coming leaders set themselves apart by looking for ways to improve products and streamline processes.”





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