Additional Funds Allocated To Prevent Disruptions At Marking Centres



The marking process of the matric final exams have officially commenced throughout the country. However, many have raised concerns on whether the education department has efficiently prepared marking centres for the current surges in power cuts.



The matric class of 2022 finished their final examinations last week and moderators commenced with marking exam scripts on 10 December 2022, a process which is expected to conclude on 22 December 2022.

According to the Department of Basic Education and Training (DBE) there are about 190 marking centres across all nine provinces, where up to 53,926 moderators have been posted to carry out the marking process.

Last week, the country experienced two days of stage 6 loadshedding, with Eskom citing a high number of breakages.

The frequent power cuts have left many parents and learners concerned about how it would affect the marking process of the matric exam papers.

Basic Education spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga says the department has put several measures in place to ensure that marking continues smoothly in the event of loadshedding stage 6 or other unexpected disturbances.

Mhlanga explains that majority of the marking centres have resources and can provide uninterrupted power supplies when there is a power-cut, adding that the centres have been supplied with generators and alternative resources for when loadshedding does occur. 

He says that the system of marking manuals is reliable, and it is significant because there is no dependence on electricity, however challenges may occur when marks need to be captured onto the system for processing by the department.

“That’s the most sensitive part of the job that needs to be done so carefully and when all the marks are entered into computers,” says Mhlanga.

Mhlanga said that to ensure that all making centres have sufficient and adequate resources to address any issues that may arise, the department had to allocate additional funds accommodate all of the marking centres.

“We’ve had to think about additional expenditure to make sure each and every centre has a generator and enough fuel to run it as well. Loadshedding is costly, as the costs have become more that what would normally be the case.”

The department said it would monitor the marking process at various marking centres to ensure the security and credibility of the process.

The 2022 final matric exam results are expected to be released in January 2023.





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