AdvTech Launches Premium Digital Upskilling Platform


Africa’s leading private education provider, ADvTECH, today announced the launch of MindSharp, a premium dynamic digital learning platform aimed at upskilling individuals and corporate teams.



Several MindSharp courses are endorsed by The Independent Institute of Education (IIE), SA’s largest and most accredited private higher education provider, whose well-respected brands include Vega, Varsity College, IIE MSA and Rosebank College. Endorsement by the IIE means that all the aspects of the courses have been thoroughly evaluated on multiple dimensions.

Online courses offered by MindSharp are designed by industry experts, range between 10 and 16 weeks in duration, and can be started at any time with all learning conducted online. After completion, students are awarded a Certificate of Competence relating to the specific field of study and skills mastered. These include, but are not limited to, Project Management, Business Management and Administration, Financial Management for Non-financial Managers, Business Information Systems and Digital Marketing.

“The MindSharp online learning hub is where students will experience digital learning underpinned by expertise, excellence, integrity, and gold-standard educational practices,” says MD Elbie Liebenberg.

“What sets MindSharp apart from the other online course providers is the fact that we provide personal support throughout the study journey as opposed to only automated feedback. And our cutting-edge technology streamlines the study journey, while our highly qualified tutors have access to all assessment attempts and can step in to assist, giving students a perfectly balanced technology-assisted learning experience,” she says.

“MindSharp is a dynamic digital learning community that presents online short courses for professionals and executives who are passionate about upskilling and evolving, and for companies serious about ongoing professional development and increasing the competitiveness of their teams,” says Liebenberg.

She adds that the endorsement of The IIE on several courses means that students and companies will be assured of the highest standards of educational content and delivery.

“Courses are developed with input from subject matter experts and successful companies, ensuring that courses are 100% relevant in the real world,” she says.

In addition to offering a range of existing courses, MindSharp will also partner with companies to tailor-make programmes to suit their specific needs and requirements.

This will include assistance with digitising, updating and repackaging existing training programmes as well as co-developing additional programmes for evolving and emerging training needs.

The launch of MindSharp follows in the wake of the recent successful launch of ADvTECH’s Evolve Online School, whose curriculum mapping system was developed at MIT, and which is set to open its virtual doors to students in January 2021.
Roy Douglas, ADvTECH CEO, says the company is delighted with the quality and growth of its offering in the digital education space.

“In recent months, we were able to fast-track the implementation of a number of projects we had in development, to respond to rapidly changing and emerging needs in the market. We are extremely excited about the potential of MindSharp, and its ability to cater not only to an existing market but to filling niche training demands for which there have to date not been an adequate solution.”

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