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Ever dreamed about a career in the Film and Entertainment industry? What about pursuing a career in screen and/or stage acting, directing, producing, scriptwriting, cinematography, and editing, or live television production, animation directing, production and sound design, visual effects, musical performance, media music production and composition, or costume, make-up, and styling? It's all possible at AFDA Film School. AFDA has over 31 options for studying, 4 campuses across South Africa and over 2000 students. 

AFDA is a leading outcomes-based film school that dates back to 1994. It has fully equipped campuses in Johannesburg and Cape Town where graduates train to contribute to one of the largest growth industries in the world: entertainment. In addition, AFDA now also has a campus in Durban. AFDA is a full member of CILECT - the International Association of Accredited Film and Television Schools.

Undergraduate degrees: 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium (3-year full-time | NQF Level 7 | SAQA ID 35934) 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Live Performance (3-year full-time | NQF Level 7 | SAQA ID 35936) 
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3-year full-time | NQF Level 7 | SAQA ID 94705)
  • Bachelor of Computer Technology (3-year full-time | NQF Level 7 | SAQA ID 97540) 

Higher Certificates: 

  • Higher Certificate in Film, TV and Entertainment Production (1-year full-time | NQF Level 5 | SAQA ID 9074)
  • Higher Certificate in Radio & Podcasting (1-year full-time | NQF Level 5 | SAQA ID 99532)

Postgraduate degrees:

  • BA Honours in Motion Picture Medium (1-year full-time | NQF Level 8 | SAQA ID 35935) 
  • BA Honours in Live Performance (1-year full-time | NQF Level 8 | SAQA ID 35937) 
  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Motion Picture Medium (2-year part-time | NQF Level 9 | SAQA ID 96800) 

For more information on each degree, download the prospectus on the AFDA website. 

AFDA Fees:

Go to AFDA's website to access AFDA's fee structures. There is also downloadable bursary information on that website.

AFDA Campuses:

  • Johannesburg 
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Port Elizabeth

AFDA Courses:

AFDA offers undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees as well as higher certificates in various interests such as Live Performance, Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Radio and Podcasting, and Fine Arts. 

AFDA Applications:

Applications can be done online. Look on the AFDA website to complete the process. 


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