The Benefits of having a New Venture Creation Qualification




Our environment is constantly changing, therefore requiring of us to identify business opportunities, exploit them and turn those business opportunities into viable business ideas, be it for our employer or in our personal capacity.

The New Venture Creation qualification allows the learner to build skills within the business environment where they will learn the following:

  • How to identify new business opportunities;
  • Research and develop innovative business concepts;
  • Basic marketing and sales;
  • How to deal with finances and contracts; and
  • How to develop a viable business plan

The skills and knowledge gained from this qualification will assist the individual to be proactive, to always look out for business opportunities and act on them.

Many learners after having completed this qualification will find a new lease in life, have a paradigm shift, and they become valuable team members within the organisation, or they go out to start their own successful businesses.

Upon completion of this qualification, learners receive a National Certificate which is recognised within the industry.

Take the first step to learn new business skills, build your confidence, become that individual that thrives in identifying new business opportunities and making a success of identified opportunities! Be counted amongst the few that dared to dream, took the chance and made a success out of it….


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