Changes to work permits for Zimbabweans


The confusion around current immigration issues in South Africa continues as Home Affairs announces that Zimbabweans will no longer be given a special concessionary permit which allows them to work, study or conduct business on a visitor?s visa.

This announcement, made by Home Affairs on 10 September 2010 comes soon after Home Affairs has been taken to court by the Cross Border Transport Industries, and is about to be taken to court again over slow processing of applications for work permits and other temporary permits.

The Forum of Immigration Practitioners (FIPSA) has said that the membership of the organization is of the view that the courts are the only avenue through which applicants and their representatives will find relief, as representations to the department of Home Affairs have so far not shown that there is any improvement in processing times.

Applicants are waiting up to 6 months, and in some cases longer than this, for the outcomes of applications which used to take 30 days.

"With the announcement to the changes with regard to the Zimbabwean concessionary arrangement, there is going to be much concern and Home Affairs is, once again going to be overwhelmed by this new project', said Leon Isaacson, MD of Global Migration SA, a national immigration company.

"The number of enquiries which we have received indicates that many employees, employers, students and business investors are having severe problems and we have decided to arrange some seminars for September and October for Johannesburg(21 Sept), Pretoria(22 Sept) and Cape Town (7 Oct),' said Isaacson, MD of Global Migration SA.

'There is a lot of confusion over how to apply, what requirements must be met and when one can expect an outcome, all issues which have to be factored in to a new investment or employment relationship.

The seminars will deal with Immigration, Tax, Labour law and other issues related to settling in to South Africa as an immigration destination'.

Home Affairs is also proposing amendments to the current Immigration Act, which will be covered in some detail at the seminars.

Enquiries about the seminars can be made by contacting Leon Isaacson on 082-499-4535 or on