Clients Can Now Update Information For R350 Grants


It is expected that 10 million people will benefit from the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant in the coming months. However, mistakes made in the application process could prevent applicants from receiving the crucial relief.




The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has provided R350 grant applicants with an option to update their personal information from 1 July 2022. 

If clients made mistakes when first capturing their details, Sassa may not be able to verify their information. This could lead to applicants not qualifying for the grant. 

Sassa said, “Clients can update personal information which was initially incorrectly provided on the SRD website and/or alter their responses to the screening question asked in their application.” 

Should clients want to update their information for the months of April and May 2022, they must do so in the next few days. Sassa said that applicants should update their information by no later than 7 July 2022.

When the R350 grant was introduced under the Social Assistance Act, Sassa incorporated a short questionnaire that applicants needed to complete. Depending on the answers provided by applicants, Sassa could determine if you are deserving of the R350 grant. 

If a client provided a response that resulted in their grant application being rejected, they will receive the “Self-Exclusionary Response Found” status. Click Here For Information On This SRD Status.

Applicants have the right to appeal a rejection decision from Sassa. However, it is important to note that the appeals process has changed. Click Here How To Appeal An Unsuccessful R350 Grant Status.




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