Department Reviewing Thousands Of Sassa Grants



Social grants ensure that millions of people living in South Africa receive some financial support from the government. However, one province will review thousands of grant payments as many beneficiaries have not collected their money.




The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) in KwaZulu-Natal has undertaken a review process to ensure that grant recipients are deserving of the support they receive.

KZN Sassa spokesperson Sandy Godlwana revealed that 38 000 Sassa grants have undergone Sassa’s review process. These reviews have taken place for several reasons, however, these reviews by Sassa have resulted in the suspension of grants.

Godlwana called on all whose grant’s were suspended and those who believe they still qualify for their grant to visit a Sassa office with all the relevant documentation proving that they are eligible to receive the grant.

They explained that Sassa conducts reviews to ensure the information that reflects on their systems is current and up to date. This comes as some clients who registered for grants in the past are currently earning more than they were when they applied for a grant.

A change in income could impact their grant eligibility as Sassa has grant income thresholds that should a client exceed, they will be deemed ineligible to receive that particular grant.

They explained that it is the responsibility of grant beneficiaries to inform Sassa if their financial circumstances have changed. This includes marital status, employment, income and disability status.  

This will allow Sassa to use this information and check if clients are eligible to continue to receive the grants they are receiving. This is used as a way for Sassa to ensure that everyone who is receiving Sassa grant payments is deserving of that grant.





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