eLearning Trends In 2023



People are an organisation’s most valuable asset, and business leaders are realizing the importance of creating opportunities for their people to learn and grow (personally and professionally). Here are the eLearning trends for 2023.



“Developing people has become an important priority for organisations,” said Michael Gullan, CEO of G&G Advocacy, an eLearning consultancy. “Learning and development is changing, and we’re seeing organisations going beyond onboarding and process training to offering the full sphere of personal development.” Gullan unpacks the important eLearning trends to look out for in 2023 for employees and organisations.

eLearning trends for employees   

Career and personal development

There’s a shift from mandatory training to meaningful learning that empowers employees to grow within their organisation. Gullan suggests that employees lean into the learning offered by their organisations rather than look elsewhere to uplift themselves.

Meet the needs of modern professionals

There is a shift towards seamless, convenient, micro-learning, making it easy for time-sliced employees to learn and grow from within the workplace, from any device.

Training is not a luxury but a necessity

In the past, only the privileged few attended tertiary education and gained access to scarce information which they implemented in the workplace. Today, we’re seeing more working professionals becoming lifelong learners as they seek to stay relevant and to advance their careers.

More loud persisting, less quiet quitting

With high unemployment and struggling economies, we can expect more employees to have a growth mindset. They will be seeking learning opportunities to upskill and thrive at their jobs, and enjoy a sense of belonging to something greater.

More learning champions

We are also seeing more learning advocates in the workplace who participate in and encourage others to lean into eLearning programmes on offer. Their constructive feedback will assist L&D teams to progress their eLearning programmes to be more relevant, interesting, and employee centric.

eLearning trends for organisations

Seamless learning

eLearning solutions that integrate HR, learning, and talent management in one simple personal development process will be the new normal for organisational learning. This will create an environment where employees grow and organisations thrive.

Sharing in-house knowledge

Organisations have a wealth of knowledge and experience, most of which only exist in a few key employees' heads. More organisations will use eLearning to unlock and share knowledge across their workforce. This will develop skilled, confident, and empowered teams ready to take on new challenges and move organisations forward.

Equal learning opportunities

Leaders understand that every individual, no matter their role or rank, should be given the opportunity to reach their potential. They’re seeking eLearning solutions tailored to individuals' strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, and roles within the wider organisational goals.

Challenging but simple

Learning involves new and often difficult subjects, but there’s a science to making difficult topics simple, inviting, and accessible while achieving learning objectives. New findings in adult learning science, such as Content CapsulesTM, high-impact learning, and multi-dimensional learning, will be a focus.

Price isn’t everything

There is a shift away from cost-effective L&D solutions, as rock-bottom prices don’t count for much if you’re not getting the features, functionality, support, and results. More organisations are seeking measurable eLearning solutions that include consultancy, technology, learning strategy, personalisation, and content creation that makes a meaningful impact in meeting the organisation’s goals.

Gullan concludes that a consequence of having the internet and information on hand all the time is that we all have a deep desire to learn and grow. “The ruthless truth is that people and organisations are like sharks. If we don't keep moving, we sink to the bottom and die.”




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