Employee Dismissed After Discovering Salary Discrimination


Pay disparities among people who perform the same employment duties have yet again become a topic of discussion. A recent dispute has caught the attention of law experts who have weight in on the matter.





 This comes after an employee named Pumeza Ceza was dismissed after she accidentally discovered that a fellow employee earns a higher salary despite having similar employment roles and duties.

According to media reports, the made the after she accidentally received a payment confirmation e-mail that was originally intended for another employee. Following this, Ceza was consequently dismissed after challenging the salary disparity.

However, despite the employee’s current predicament, labour law indicates that she was not supposed to publicly disclose the information that she received mistakenly. How she came to acquire the confidential documents appears to be the main issue according to Labour Lawyer, Sandile July. 

In addition to this, Ceza then received a follow-up e-mail informing her that the e-mail she received was erroneously sent to her and that she should acknowledge it and disregard it entirely.

July adds that once you are told that you are not the intended recipient of confidential information it means that you must pretend as if you have never seen it.

“Unfortunately that's how things are you can't use that information which was not meant for you. That constitutes misconduct, so that's why I said at the beginning of this interview that at the face of it when you look at the story, it looks like injustice and it looks simple that she is being targeted but the law can be humbling.” he further stated 

Furthermore, the labour lawyer also points out that there are a wide variety of reasons for payment differences even among people who fulfil the same employment roles. Much to the misfortune of the dismissed employee, she was supposed to request such information from her employer if she had any grievances about her remuneration.




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