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The Mindspa Institute, a national soft skills training company, just launched a new and exclusive full day corporate burnout workshop. 



The Mindspa Institute, a national soft skills training company, just launched a new and exclusive full day corporate burnout workshop. They partnered with presenter Dr Maria Phalime, a qualified medical doctor who left clinical practice due to burnout. She has written about her journey in her award-winning memoir titled Postmortem – The Doctor Who Walked Away.

In addition she is a qualified Integral Coach (Centre for Coaching – UCT) and a leadership development facilitator (Graduate School of Development Policy & Practice – UCT) who also gave a TedEx talk on this subject.

Burnout has become an epidemic of the modern workplace, resulting in absenteeism, low morale and reduced productivity costing South African companies billions annually. Findings from a study conducted by The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag) in partnership with Hexor and Lundbeck and discussed in an article by the Huffington Post in April 2018, revealed that one in four South African employees have been diagnosed with depression and taken more than 18 days off work due to the mental health condition.

In this full day workshop, participants will learn what burnout is and how it impacts their well-being and performance at work. They will be taught how to recognize it in themselves and others. They will also learn the research-proven strategies to address burnout and use these to develop their personal action plan for thriving in the workplace. During this exclusive course, each delegate will receive a copy of the facilitator’s award-winning memoir.

The Mindspa Institute Training Company specializes in skills development through: Management Training, Leadership Development, Office Professional and Secretary Training. They are hoping to assist in combatting corporate burnout through this exclusive and unique workshop. They urge corporates to take hands and book this workshop to help educate their employees on burnout and stress.

A bit more about the facilitator:

Dr Maria Phalime began her professional life as a medical doctor, working in public health systems in the United Kingdom and South Africa. Since leaving clinical practice she has championed the cause to address the scourge of burnout amongst doctors in South Africa; she regularly speaks at conferences, medical schools and doctors’ organizations on the topic of burnout. She is a dynamic and accomplished coach, speaker and leadership development facilitator who challenges audiences and clients to perform at their best while thriving in all areas of their lives.

Since 2015 Maria has worked in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance at the University of Cape Town to develop and deliver a number of leadership development programmes. These include; the Emerging African Leader Programme, Atlantic Fellows Programme (in collaboration with the London School of Economics), Collaborative Leadership for Regional Economic Development, and Understanding Poverty and Inequality in South Africa.

She has delivered keynote speeches to a variety of audiences, including medical professionals, educators, students, public entities as well as corporations such as Sanlam and Standard Bank.

In addition to her award-winning memoir, Maria has written a novel for teens titled Second Chances which won the Maskew Miller Longman Literature Award in 2013.




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