Expert Warns Of Possible Covid-19 Infection Wave Soon


Earlier this year, many of the Covid-19 regulations were repealed by the health department. This signalled the changing environment under which citizens had to operate while remaining safe from possible infection.




In June, Minister of Health Dr Joe Phaahla repealed the regulations concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. This resulted in many of the laws citizens previously had to abide by falling away.

These regulations included requirements to wear face masks, limitations on public gatherings and requirements to produce proof of Covid-19 vaccination or negative Covid-19 tests.

However, experts are concerned that a new wave of Covid-19 infections could soon be triggered in the country. This is because breakthrough infections are possible which could result in an uptick in Covid-19 infections.

Covid-19 Vaccines Committee Co-Chair Professor Barry Schoub says it seems that waves of Covid-19 infections occurred during the same periods as a cyclic event. This could result in a new wave of infection in the next two months.

Schoub said, “I think we can anticipate going on past history that we will have another wave, a sixth wave coming probably in about six weeks time or maybe four to six weeks time”.  

They added that South Africa has a low vaccination rate, warning that this must be increased urgently as the country is not completely immune to the Covid-19 virus and infections.
Schoub revealed that almost 90% of the samples they tested showed high levels of antibodies. This demonstrated that South Africa does have high levels of immunity which protects people from a possible severe illness if they get infected with the virus.





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