Exploring Affordable Auxiliary Nursing Programmes in South Africa


Becoming an auxiliary nurse in South Africa can be a rewarding way to help others and serve your community. However, there are costs and requirements  associated with obtaining the title.



An auxiliary nurse is a nursing assistant that helps doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in caring for the sick.

To become an auxiliary nurse, you’ll need to understand the cost involved, find and enrol in the right programme and meet all of the necessary requirements.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to start your nursing journey.

Understand The Requirements For Becoming An Auxiliary Nurse In South Africa

Before you can become a qualified auxiliary nurse in South Africa, you must understand and meet the necessary requirements needed to succeed in this profession.

These include completing an approved programme or course at a higher educational institution, passing a relevant nursing board examination and completing a period of supervised practice. You may also need to achieve additional requirements in terms of age, language proficiency and criminal background checks.

Assess The Costs Associated With An Auxiliary Nursing Programme In South Africa

Once you have found an auxiliary nursing programme that is approved by the South African Nursing Council, you’ll need to consider the additional costs, such as application fees, tuition fees, learning materials and transport costs. It could be beneficial to explore the various financing options available in order to ensure that you can afford the programme you have chosen.

There may be available scholarships from government programmes or universities. Ensure that you meet the necessary academic and financial requirements before applying for funding. The cost of completing an auxiliary nursing course in South Africa vary depending on the institution, so be sure to check to the fees at the different colleges or universities you are applying to. 

Here are some bursary options to explore:

  • Gauteng College of Nursing Bursary
  • Western Cape Government Health Bursary
  • Department of Health Nursing Bursary
  • KwaZulu Natal Government Health Bursary 

Learn Which Schools Are Recommended For Auxiliary Nursing Programmes

When choosing an auxiliary nursing programme, it would be best to find one that is recommended by the South African Nursing Council.

Some of the recommended institutions include Rhodes University, The University of Cape Town and the University of the Free State. These accredited universities offer a wide range of courses that will prepare you to become a successful auxiliary nurse in South Africa. 

Obtain The Necessary Certifications To Become An Auxiliary Nurse In South Africa

To become an auxiliary nurse in South Africa, you will need to obtain certain certifications. You will need to be certified by the Nursing Council of South Africa and have knowledge of and experience in patient care, first aid, early detection of diseases and disorders, medication management, administration of observations such as temperature, pulse and respiration rate, among many other important skills.

All of these skills and certifications are essential to become a successful auxiliary nurse in South Africa. 

Be sure to do all the necessary research before deciding on the correct programme for you and pay special attention to the tuition fees as well as all the additional costs you may encounter. 


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