Here Are ATG's Training Resolutions For 2023, What's Yours?


The new year is here and as such, a lot of us aim to improve our lives by means of new year’s resolutions. These usually include things like getting more exercise, losing weight, breaking bad habits, or forming better habits.



For the most part, new year's resolutions are superfluous and have very little impact in our actual lives.

One resolution that can have a lasting and meaningful impact, is committing to further your education and training.

There are many different ways to approach this resolution. Maybe you want to achieve a whole new qualification such as a National Certificate or National Diploma, or perhaps you just want to learn more about a particular subject that interests you. Whatever your goals, making education a priority in the new year can bring numerous benefits.

One of the most obvious benefits is the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge, which can lead to better job prospects and opportunities for career advancements. Not only that, education can also help you grow as a person, by exposing you to new ideas and new ways of thinking. It can broaden your horizons and help you see the world in a different way.

Some of the benefits in furthering your training and education include:

  • Improved career prospects
    • In today’s job market, having a higher level of education can give you an advantage when it comes to finding employment or advancing in your career. Employers often prefer to hire candidates with higher levels of education, which can also lead to higher salaries.
  • Personal growth
    • Learning new things can be personally fulfilling and can help you to become a well-rounded individual. Whether you pursue a degree or simply take a few courses, committing to education can help you expand your knowledge and skills and can lead to self-improvement.
  • Lifelong learning
    • Making education your resolution can help you to develop a lifelong love of learning. Lifelong learning is the notion that learning should not stop when the final grades have been released, and we should always strive to further improve our lives by constant upskilling.

There are also more practical benefits to consider, such as the financial benefits of education. People with higher levels of education tend to earn more money over the course of their careers.

How then can you make education a resolution for the new year? The first step is to set specific goals for yourself. Do you want to earn a new qualification or are you interested in learning more about a specific subject matter? Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start piecing the how together.

There are a multitude of options when it comes to training and education, some of which include self-study options, online study, and/or face-to-face studying.

Another important step is to create a plan for how you will achieve your goals. This could involve setting time aside for your studies each week, or finding ways to create a healthy balance between education and all your other responsibilities.

Making education a resolution and a priority for the new year can be a challenging, but rewarding experience. The benefits of furthering your education are numerous, and with a little planning and dedication, you can achieve your goals and make a real difference in your life.

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