How To Be A Leader At Any Stage In Your Career



If you are in your twenties and you find yourself in a management or leadership role, you might find yourself in a situation where people try to undermine your authority, and you might even find yourself questioning your own ability.



As a manager, you have to present the best version of yourself every day, no matter what situation you are in. The role requires professionalism, and it is up to you to show the people around you that you are capable of great leadership – even if you are younger than the people reporting to you.

No matter how young or old you are, or where you are in your career, you can use the following tips to be a better leader:

Develop the right mindset

As a leader, you have to maintain a positive attitude at all times. Your attitude influences the attitude of those around you, so if you want your team to approach their work and their colleagues in a positive manner, you need to set the example by doing so yourself.

Improve your soft skills

If you want to succeed in a leadership position, you need to make sure you have the right soft skills. You might think that the small things can be overlooked at a leadership level, but you will quickly discover that they are the things that matter most. So work on your interpersonal skills, learn how to communicate effectively with your team, and work on helping others develop to their full potential.

Learn from people who inspire you

Learn by observing and interacting with people who inspire and motivate you – whether they are colleagues, family members, friends, celebrities, or industry thought-leaders. Do not be afraid to ask questions, and pay close attention to the answers.

Be an active listener

Take the time to listen to each of your team members – seek out their opinions, and ask about their concerns. It is likely that they will have interesting insights that you can learn from. You don’t have to agree with everything they say, but the fact that you are taking an interest and acknowledging their views will help you to earn respect and to establish yourself as a strong leader.

Take advice without taking offence

Accepting – and even seeking out – constructive feedback will enable you to develop into an effective and respected leader. The more feedback you receive (good and bad), the more you will be able to improve your leadership skills.

Particularly if you are a young leader, there will be many people who will want to give you advice. While your instinct might be to ignore it, the better option would be to listen with an open mind. Even if you decide not to implement the advice, you might learn something valuable in the process.

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