How To Get Unisa Hard Copy Study Material



While online resources can be extremely helpful for many students, some prefer hard copies of the study materials they are learning. Unisa has revealed how students can get hard copies of their study material.




The University of South Africa (Unisa) recently introduced an option which allowed students to indicate whether they wanted study material in hard copy format or online only for semester 1. 

If students indicated that they chose to receive their study material online, they would not receive any hard copies of their study material. Some students have since indicated they made a mistake when they selected online material only during their registration period. 

Unisa says many students are now requesting that hard copy study material be delivered to them. The university has assured these students that they will be assisted if they notify the institution. 

Dispatch has undertaken to issue hard copy study materials to those students who come forward and indicate that they chose online only in error and would like to receive hard copy versions of their study materials.

Unisa said, “If you incorrectly marked online only at the point of registration, send an email to the following e-mail addresses in which you request hard copy study materials to be delivered.”

The university provided several email addresses that students who incorrectly marked online only at the point of registration. Students can send an email to the e-mail addresses in which they can request hard copy study materials to be delivered to them. 

Unisa is South Africa's largest distance-learning university. The institution offers study courses at all levels to more than 370,000 students annually. This includes short courses, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate qualifications.


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