How To Get Your Unisa Timetable


If you are a Unisa student, chances are that you have already been preparing to sit for your  Unisa exams for the current academic year. One of the important steps is accessing your exam timetable to ensure you avoid any costly mistakes in the lead-up to it.



The University of South Africa (Unisa) is the biggest distance learning university in South Africa. One of the big differences between Unisa and other universities in the country is that Unisa exams are online.

It's therefore important that students have access to their Unisa exam timetables and are aware of when they'll be writing exams for their Unisa modules.

How To View Your Unisa Exam Timetable

  1. Visit the Unisa website.
  2. Click on myAdim and you’ll be directed to the examination time tool
  3. Choose the exam period and Insert your module codes.
  4. Click “display” to view the dates and times of exams. 

Invalid module codes will be ignored. Therefore, students are advised to enter the correct module codes to ensure that they do not miss any examinations. This is primarily because a timetable mistake on your account will not be considered a valid reason to qualify for supplementary.

Those who are unable to access their examination timetable are encouraged to contact the Examination Administration Division immediately. Students may send an email to [email protected] with their student number. 

It is also important for students to keep in mind that the exam dates can be subject to change, but only from the university’s side.

Unisa’s May/June exam timetables are usually released during April, while October/November exam timetables are usually released during September. 

The university has made efforts to ensure that the scheduling of its exam dates does not clash with that of other modules. But has encouraged students to communicate this if it happens to be the case.  

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