How To Keep Your Star Employees


Employees are easy to find. But great employees are scarce. We’re not just talking about people who show up at work on time and complete all their tasks.



Employees are easy to find but great employees are scarce. We’re not just talking about people who show up at work on time and complete all their tasks.

No, these employees do what needs to get done and then a whole lot more. They care about the company and think about how everything they do fits into the big picture.

These employees are rare and once you have them you need to hold onto them. But how do you ensure your favourite staff members don’t jump ship?

Make it easy for them

Don’t give people computers old enough to vote and expect them to do their best work. Make their jobs easy by offering technology that makes their lives simple.

For example, use electronic signature software if your employees have to sign a lot of documents or have a proper spell checker programme for a team of writers.

The type of employees you want to keep are the ones who want to be as productive as possible. With outdated equipment they will get frustrated by all the time they’re wasting.

Reward hard work

Praise is good and people appreciate it when you point out that they’re doing a good job but that’s not enough to keep them motivated and happy. Incentives and bonuses are tried and tested methods that encourage people to do their best and work hard.

It doesn’t have to be a huge lump sum of cash. It could be something as simple as a day off for the person who brings in the most money in a single month. A little bit of friendly competition could bring out the best in your staff.

Offer benefits that other companies don’t offer

Companies used to offer benefits like medical aid and retirement funds for their employees. However, not many employers do this anymore, especially not small businesses but these aren’t the only kinds of benefits that employees respond well to.

Flexible working hours and the option of working remotely could be a huge drawcard for many people. Some people work better in the evenings and some are more productive before 8am.

Others prefer to work from coffee shops than a desk in an office. Of course, it all depends on your business’s structure and how everything is run.

When you have great staff who really put their everything into your business, you don’t want to lose them. That’s why it’s important to do everything in your power to keep them content.

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