How To Prepare For Unisa's First Semester Exams


The first semester exam period for the current year is on the horizon for many of the country’s Unisa students. If you are among these students, making all the necessary preparations should be your top priority.



The University of South Africa (Unisa) is gearing up for its first semester exams, which are set to begin soon. Thousands of students across the country are expected to sit for the exams, which will be conducted both online and in person. 

Unisa has put in place measures to ensure that the exams are conducted smoothly and without any hitches.

The exams are a crucial part of the academic year, as they determine students' progress and readiness for the next semester. As such, Unisa is calling on all students to prepare adequately and to take the exams seriously.

The university has advised students to first confirm the exam dates for their respective modules by visiting Unisa’s examination timetable link . Following this, you will then be required to input module codes into the website's request form and select "Display" to view the timetable.

Additionally, the steps outlined below will help you prepare so that you face as few obstacles as possible and can fully concentrate on the exam itself.

Steps You Need To Follow To Prepare For Unisa’s Online Exams

  1. Know when your examinations are taking place. This can be done by visiting the link mentioned above to access your exam timetable. 
  2. Test your access on the myExams platform before your examinations start. All the exam questions are available. This is done by clicking on your module code on the day of your examination. Click Here to Access the myExams Platform.
  3. Know which proctoring tool you require for your examination. Click Here To Learn About Proctoring Tools.
  4. Partake in the mock examinations offered by Unisa by Clicking Here
  5. Don't Plagiarise. 
  6. Ensure our computer/mobile/laptop is reliable and has access to a stable internet connection. Students are advised to download their invigilator application/proctoring tool a day before their examinations. 
  7. Monitor the country's load-shedding schedule. 
  8. Should you experience any technical challenges, contact Unisa’s student enquiries on 080 000 1870 or via e-mail at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can access Unisa’s Get Help Resources for a list of additional contact numbers.  

If a module requires assessments that are not included in the examination timetable, such as continuous assessments, portfolios, and research reports, visit Unisa’s myAdmin link. 

For more detailed information on the tuition fees, applications and courses offered by Unisa, you can visit our Where To Study directory.


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