How To Reset Your LAN Password As A UKZN Student


Thousands of students enrolled in academic programmes at universities enjoy access to a wealth of resources provided by the institution. There is a process to follow before students can access these resources if they are enrolled at a popular institution in KwaZulu-Natal.



The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) aims to provide quality tertiary education that is academically excellent, innovative in research, entrepreneurial and critically engaged with society. 

There are four schools at UKZN. They include the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science, College of Health Sciences, College of Humanities and the College of Law and Management Studies. 

UKZN offers a wide range of academic programmes within these colleges catering to a diverse range of students. 

Students and staff at UKZN are required to have an activated student LAN account to access their courses on the Learning@UKZN platform as well as several other campus resources. 

New student LAN accounts have a default password based on the day, month, and year of the student's birthdate. If a student is born on 14 February 1995 then their default password will be “stu14021995”. 

Students will only be able to use this password as it will expire the first time it is used. Students will be required to change the password to one of their choice. 

How To Change Your UKZN Password 

Step 1: Students who are ready to change their password can go to the update UKZN password page;

Step 2: Login using their default password;

Step 3: Set a new LAN password (this password will remain valid for 90 days). 

Some students’ LAN passwords will expire as it was used by a student who failed to update their password. These students are advised to contact the student helpdesk for assistance. 

UKZN has five campuses. Each of these campuses has its own helpdesks dedicated to assisting students with challenges. Students must contact the helpdesk that serves their campus for assistance. 

UKZN Help Desk Contact Details

Students are encouraged to have their personal information on hand when contacting a helpdesk. This information includes full name, identification number or passport number, telephone number, students' first year of registration and the current academic programme the student is registered for.


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