How to successfully launch your career in the TV and Film industry


Watching a video production can mean different things to different people. Maybe to you, watching a video is more than just about enjoying it, and you can envision the ‘behind the scenes’ production that went into it.



Watching a video production can mean different things to different people. Maybe to you, watching a video is more than just about enjoying it, and you can envision the ‘behind the scenes’ production that went into it. Perhaps you pick up scenes that could be improved that others don’t recognise, this means that you have a keen interest in the process of a video production.

You may be observing the production more critically than others, this is the set, the location, script and other elements. Your critical eye in the production of a show reveals your passion and interest in the industry. This is a reason to act on your TV and Film passion and pursue this as a career. Getting into the TV and Film industry needs a lot of talent and major skills.

A great video production is one that has viewers emotionally engaged, thoughtful and fascinated through what has been captured. It should be a captivating, entertaining, breathtaking and epic production that you are proud of being part of. It is vital to keep in mind that viewers are always looking for outstanding and gripping content they can relate to or enjoy.

Award-winning TV Producers are not created overnight, but through years of experience and behind the scenes work they can make a name for themselves. Powerful and acclaimed producers know and understand that you have to start somewhere no matter how talented you are. Your skill can always be sharpened.

Study a TV and Film Production Course

The first step is to polish up your skills and gain knowledge by getting an educational foundation. Studying a TV and Film production course will give you in-depth knowledge of the industry and broaden your knowledge. This will expand your insight on the dynamics of the industry. When you study a course in film and TV production, it will set you up in the production ladder and studying at a recognised TV and film production institute will boost your profile.

Gain exposure in the industry

Most well-known and successful TV and film producers have years of experience to their name. Exposure in the industry will introduce you to those people and your keenness to know more will attract their attention. Being part of TV and film productions, assisting and doing favours, all this will serve as experience when you need to start your TV and Film career.

How do you get in involved in the industry?

Before viewers see gripping and beautifully filmed content, there is a lot of content and technique involved in putting this together. There are stages of putting together a production such as budget, time frame, equipment, scripts and much more to make sure the content they put out is worthwhile.

There are a lot of TV shows and films out there, so to stand out in what you produce you can consider the trends that will make your content is highly-rated, relatable to audiences and is remarkable. Having a film production checklist also adds value in creating superb viewing. The 3D videos, futuristic visuals, those are just some of the trends that are edgy and engrossing. Using trendy techniques can display creativity and the high calibre of your work. Whether this is a music video, film or TV production, you have the power to influence thought and feeling through what you put in.

When you have contributed to the success of a film, it feels good to be part of exceptional viewing. As you gain exposure and experience you grow as a film critic and give useful insight. As your creativity increases you gain new ideas and observe more trends in the field.

Building your portfolio

As you volunteer and contribute in video productions, you need to document this to be part of your profile. This means displaying all the credit you have received, describing your input and the time-frame of your involvement. Building your portfolio doesn’t necessarily rely on your involvement in existing productions. You have the freedom to be creative and use technological resources to create documentaries, films or other video projects. This will reveal your creativity and knowledge level, which will be used to your advantage for potential TV and Film production jobs.

It is also important to build a name for yourself as an upcoming producer. You don’t have to wait to become a world-renowned film producer and win an award to start building your brand. You can build this through mediums such as social media, sharing your work with other colleagues and creating marketing material to establish yourself. You can give out marketing material in the form of business cards, pamphlets and other material in which can display your skills and services.

When you attend TV and film industry events, you can target people you are interested in working with. As you network with people in the TV and Film industry, they will be able to remember you through your contact information that you share in your material.

Self- Belief as a Producer

Believing in yourself and being confident in what you can do is what will take you far in the TV and film industry. When you believe in yourself you can sell yourself better and make a good impression to the right people. This confidence will ensure that you have thick skin to believe in your potential, in spite of rejection, criticism and failure. You have to thrive through that and not become discouraged by what did not work out after all every experience will add value to your future.

As you gain confidence, you begin to find your voice in the industry and people are able to recognise and appreciate your value. As you gain a good reputation in the work quality and ethic you produce, you attract even more opportunities. When you understand this you can enhance the skills that make you a great hire as TV and film producer.

Determining your worth as a producer

At the end of your experience and knowledge journey as a TV of film producer, you should be able to estimate what you are worth for different jobs. This does not mean that your standards are too high, it just means you will not compromise your value in the industry by underestimating your worth.

Life does get better as TV producer and you don’t always have to sell yourself short because you need a job. The industry will compensate and recognise your worth or work.

Practical student experience at CityVarsity

As a TV and Film student, it is vital to have practical experience and exposure in the industry. Fortunately, there are institutes such as CityVarsity that provides students with an opportunity to start working and producing before they become graduates.

CityVarsity students in the Braamfontein campus were involved in capturing amazing footage at the Arnold Classic Africa (ACA) event that took place in Sandton Convention Centre earlier this year. The students dedicated their skills at this event and saw it as an opportunity to learn and demonstrate what they were learning. It is such experience that gives a student real life introduction to the field and equips them with the knowledge they need.

A CityVarsisty student, Dylan Pereira found himself trending and making headlines through a video choreographed by Rudi Smith - Me Too. He captured a dance routine video of a popular song by Meghan Trainor titled No, done by South African Untimitive Dance Crew.

The video had over half a million views and had Megan Trainor herself tweeting ‘Wow, wow, wow, unbelievable...slay my life”. It is such experiences that will empower a TV and Film student to create a foundation for their success.

When you have made it, absorbing the success will be an overwhelming and rewarding feeling. It is worth all the hard work and proving you are worth it through your work that is needed in this field.
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By Khanyie Dlamini




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