The importance of updating your CV



Your curriculum vitae or CV is your first chance to make a good impression on
a potential employer. A good quality CV will considerably boost your chances
of getting a face-to-face interview.



Your Curriculum Vitae, or CV, is the first chance you get to make a good
impression on a potential employer.
A good quality, regularly updated CV will considerably boost your chances of
getting a face-to-face interview, which is why it is worth spending time and
effort on the content and presentation of the document, explains Lyndy van den
Barselaar, Managing Director of human capital management solutions provider
Manpower Group South Africa.

An important factor to note is that your CV will be reviewed by software and
hiring managers. This makes it extremely important to look at factors like format,
font, and keywords. It is also important to use a simple, easy-to-read language
for your CV. Including all your contact information is equally valuable, so
employers can get hold of you easily.

"Remember to include your full name, street address, and city. Your home and
cellphone number and a valid email address are vital,' says van den Barselaar.

Speak with confidence and ease when describing your accomplishments. "Try to
come across as friendly and open, professional but personable, and
knowledgeable about your field to add depth and interest to the document.'
Van den Barselaar suggests keeping it as short and simple as possible, between
two and three pages.

Tailoring your CV to the job you are applying for will also be to your advantage.
Similarly, list your most relevant and important work experience first, with key
accomplishments listed at the top of each position. "Including key words from
the job description in your CV and covering letter will increase your chances of
being selected for an interview,' says van den Barselaar.
Customise your CV and regularly update it. "It definitely takes more time to
write a custom CV, but it is worth the effort, especially when applying for jobs
that match your personal experience and qualifications,' says van den
Barselaar. "It?s a competitive job-seeking environment. Job seekers need to
ensure that their CV stands out from the pack.'
An updated CV is equally important for job seekers who use social
networking sites such as LinkedIn or Bizcommunity to search for employment
opportunities. "Updating your CV regularly allows you to respond quickly to
unexpected job opportunities, post your CV in databases on a speculative basis,
remind yourself of your capabilities and also identify issues in your career
development such as the need for more training,' says van den Barselaar.
Building soft skills through training and courses can be extremely
advantageous to job seekers in today?s working environment. "Re-training or
up-skilling to maximise job opportunities is advisable to maintain a competitive
edge in the jobs market. Employers will look favourably on jobseekers who use
initiative to increase both their skills and on-the-job experience.'
Manpower realises the importance of this, and as a registered Manpower
candidate you have free access to the company?s Training and Development
Centre. Courses available through the centre seek to enhance essential skills
such as communication, negotiation and time management, as well as assisting
you in mastering the latest desktop software and improving your customer
service skills. More information is available on Manpower?s website.

"Remember that employers can receive many CVs for a job, so it is important
to create a good impression to attract their attention. Most people do not spend
as much time on their CV as they should. Make sure that you do, and your
chances of getting an interview, and in-turn the job, will be increased,'
concludes van den Barselaar.




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