Issues With Permanent Sassa Grant Payments



At least 18 million individuals rely on a social support grant from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). However, clients in villages around the country have encountered challenges accessing their money.




Sassa makes use of mobile pay points to cater for people living in rural areas in South Africa who are unable to travel to a Sassa office. However, due to circumstances, some permanent grant recipients did not receive their grant money.

Fanie Sethokga, General Manager of Grants Operation at Sassa explained that the mobile units travel between different areas around the country. Due to their experience during previous payment circles, these mobile unit staff will take a certain amount of money for the payment of grants.

However, due to people travelling from different surrounding areas, the mobile pay points will run out of money and won't have enough to pay all the clients.

Sethokga says that it's important to note that grant recipients with Sassa cards can access their grant money at ATMs and retail merchants. This will prevent grant recruits from needing to travel long distances to collect their money only to be turned away.

Sassa previously explained that clients can use their Sassa cards at ATMs or supermarkets including Boxer, Pick 'n Pay, U-save, Shoprite, Checkers and other outlets. This is because the Sassa card serves as a debit card.

“They [clients] can also access their money on any day during and after the payment without going to the pay points on the date specified. Your funds can be kept safely in your card and there is no need to draw all of it at once” said Sassa.





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