Limpopo University To Pay Off-Campus Nsfas Allowances



A Limpopo university has decided on the payment of allowances for off-campus accommodation. This comes after the institution was rocked by student protests concerning the payment of allowances. 



The University of Limpopo (UL) has announced that they have raised funding to advance student allowances for specific groups of students. The decision was taken after a meeting with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) on Friday.

On Wednesday 14 September 2022, buildings at the UL’s Mankweng campus were torched by protesting students. The institution said the delays in allowance payments were caused by the failure of students and landlords to submit lease agreements.

However, the university contended that students who started the protest were against the Nsfas allowances being paid directly to the landlords of student accommodation.

UL will advance student allowances to the following groups of students

  • Students enrolled for the first semester (only) were paid from February to June 
  • Students enrolled for the second semester (only) were paid from July to September
  • Students enrolled for both semesters were paid from February to July

UL said 11,929 students have received their allowance payments, including 1,458 students who are in their homes on a full-time basis for the current academic year. They added that some students were not paid allowances due to their failure to provide correct bank details

Students have been urged to submit their bank details so the payment of allowances can be finalised. The university's financial aid office can be contacted should students and landlords have any queries. 

The University reiterated its commitment to resolving the challenges faced by students and enabling them to continue with their academic year.





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