Is Lying On Your CV A Criminal Offence?


Sometimes, when applying for a job, we won't meet all the criteria but still want to try our luck and apply anyway. A few minor adjustments to your CV would certainly help, but is it a criminal offence to be dishonest on your CV? 



Firstly, lying on your CV is not illegal but can still have serious consequences. 

You might be applying for a dream job you may be a little under-qualified for, so adjusting your CV in your favour may seem like the way to help yourself.

Whether it's claiming that you can speak a certain language or that you've studied in a certain programme, these minor details might be the push you need in the direction of employment. 

While it is not against the law to add or remove these "adjustments" to your CV, earning money under false pretenses is. 

Network Recruitment MD, Niteske Marshall, says providing fictitious, exaggerated or otherwise misleading information on a CV is not only dishonest but, if found out, could result in that offer you so desperately want being retracted or once in the position, your immediate dismissal.

“Lying on your CV isn’t a criminal offence, but receiving money under the false pretences created by the deceptive CV amounts to CV fraud. People need to be aware that the end result of a misleading CV could well be legal action or even imprisonment,” says Marshall.

As tempting as it is to want to make yourself shine as much as possible when job hunting, those tiny white lies may come back to bite you, especially as employers have various ways of fact-checking and verifying your application. 

Background checks into your credentials, references and even social media can be revealing if what you've listed on your CV doesn't align with your real life. 

It's not uncommon to lie on social media, but it's important to be mindful of what you decide to share, as technological advancements have granted potential employers access to who you are, often without your knowledge. 

Lying on your CV poses immediate risks to getting that job you want but also, to your reputation and long-term employability.

Rather be honest when applying for a job, even those you’re not 100% qualified for, because the alternative is simply not worth it.  





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