More Teaching Assistant Jobs Being Made Available In Coming Months



The Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) in the education sector created more than 270 000 job opportunities for unemployed young people. The programme will soon enter a new phase opening up employment opportunities for more young people.  




The Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI) played a crucial role in reducing youth unemployment in the country and with at least 270 000 young people becoming employed at schools in their local communities.

South Africa’s government communications agency has called on youth to register on the SA YOUTH MOBI website to access a wide range of opportunities. This is as they explained that more teaching assistant and general school assistant posts will be available in the coming months.

Click Here To Begin Your Registration On SA Youth Mobi

The website is zero-rated which means that participants do not require data to access the platform. They are also encouraged to join the Teacher Connect WhatsApp Bot on 060 060 3333 for information on additional opportunities.

Young people are also encouraged to ensure their information is up to date. They can also reset their passwords on the SA YOUTH MOBI website at any time and ensure they are not prevented from viewing and applying for any employment opportunities.

Here’s How To Rest Your SA Youth Mobi Password

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on 'Login' STEP 3. Click on 'I forgot my username/password'

Step 3: Choose how to reset your password

Step 4: Open the link & reset your password

It's important to note that the reset with SMS option only works if you have the same phone number you registered with, while the reset with email option only works if you registered with the same email address. The 'reset with my security' question is only available if you've set it up on your last visit.

You can also call 0800 72 72 72 if you have any further enquiries related to the SA Youth Mobi website and the employment opportunities.

The BEEI began in 2021 and saw young people employed as teaching assistants and general school assistants. The initiative is currently in its third phase, which is set to conclude at the end of August 2022.

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