New minimum wages for contract cleaners


Workers in the contract cleaning sector covered by the Sectoral Determination 1, Contract Cleaning Sector, and South Africa will receive an increase of 7,3 percent which is equal to the current Consumer Price Index (CPIX).

This increase will be applicable from , 1 December 2007, the Department of Labour announced.

The new minimum wage for workers in Area A will be R9,94 an hour, whilst the minimum wage for workers in Area C will be R8,45 an hour.

Zolisa Sigabi, labour spokesperson said, "The sectoral determination is very clear that if the CPIX is higher than the stipulated increase of 6,75 percent in year two, the CPIX will be used to calculate the increase. Statistics South Africa has published the latest CPIX which is 7,3 percent."

Sigabi added that the new minimum wage rates for the sector will cover the period from 1 December 2007 to 30 November 2008.