New Online System To Replace Lost Matric Certificates


The council for quality assurance in general and further education and training in South Africa, Umalusi, has launched a new online application system where matric graduates can replace damaged or lost certificates.



The newly implemented system was launched on Thursday (30 March 2023) during a webinar held by the council titled: “Innovatively replacing your lost or damaged certificate issued by Umalusi”.

According to Umalusi, candidates will be able to access the system from anywhere (home or office) via a cellphone or personal computer to apply directly to Umalusi to replace their lost or damaged certificates.

Umalusi noted that they began testing the online system in July 2022 and officially rolled it out last month.

The new system has a significantly reduced turnaround time and costs involved in replacing a lost or damaged certificate.


At the cost of R137, a candidate can collect a replacement certificate from Umalusi within two working days of submitting their application.

Alternatively, a candidate can pay R202, which includes the initial R137 for the certificate and a further R65 for courier fees, to have the certificate sent within seven working days to their chosen physical address, anywhere in South Africa.

Furthermore, the council highlighted that several participants commended the system and said it was convenient, helpful and easy to access.

“I used the online application system for my lost certificate and received it,” an attendee said. A representative from the university sector also expressed: “Online verification of results will be very helpful to universities during registration periods.”

The webinar was attended by officials from education stakeholder organisations in South Africa, the Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) and Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).

The KNEC also presented at the webinar and spoke about a similar system catering to all examination-related queries, which has been in use in Kenya since July 2018.

Candidates that want to have their matric certificate replaced can visit this website for a replacement: 


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