NSFAS Sends Warning To Students Who Submit Fake Documents



Many students in South Africa can’t afford to pay for tertiary education and will rely on funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).




Some students will however not meet all the requirements to qualify for a NSFAS bursary. 

The household income threshold for NSFAS funding stands at R350 000 for able bodied students and R600 000 for students with disabilities. Falling above these thresholds will see your application for funding rejected. 

NSFAS has warned students against submitting false documents in order to try and secure funding.

The scheme said they have been informed of students who are forging and submitting false information when applying/appeal for NSFAS funding. 

NSFAS added, “Please note that we will not allow any abuse of the law and condemn such behaviour. We want to maintain a zero tolerance to fraud and corruption within the scheme and as such, students who are found guilty of submitting false information will be held responsible and may be incriminated”. 

The Scheme is calling on members of the public to report any suspected fraudulent activities related to NSFAS. 

These include…

  • Students submitting false information to qualify for funding
  • Students performing unauthorized purchases with NSFAS wallet allowances 
  • Altering or forging application forms 
  • Falsifying of family financial documents to qualify for funding
  • Submission of fraudulent supporting documents to NSFAS

You can report fraudulent activities to the Vuvuzela Hotline 

Phone - 0860 247 653

Email - [email protected]

SMS - Call back number to 30916

Website - http://thehotlonieapp.co.za  or http://thehotline.co.za 

Earlier this year Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande revealed that the following amount of students are undeservedly benefiting from Nsfas as their annual household income exceeds the funding threshold.

  • 32 654 students have a household income that exceeds R400 000 per annum
  • 7 080 students have a household income that exceeds R1 000 000 per annum
  • 632 students have a household income that exceeds R2 000 000 per annum




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