Personal And Professional Development Is A Growing Priority In S.A.


Training and development is the process in which one improves on skills, concepts, changing of attitudes and to gain knowledge. This basically consists of three main branches namely: Training, Education, and Development.



Training involves improving one’s own ability to perform certain tasks. These can include practical and theoretical knowledge, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Furthermore, training brings two things to mind, specifically in performance and productivity, in which training aims to improve both of these.

Where training focusses on the ability of a person to perform certain tasks, education encompasses everything to do with reaching one’s own potential, in terms of future development and what you want to achieve in the future, as well as the development of the individual.

Development then, focusses on the individual on a broader scope. Development is concerned with the improvement of an individual on all levels, not just in their workplace or their personal lives. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs come to mind here, which includes physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs.

Personal and professional development is a growing priority within South Africa. Many people need to improve on their skills and education, leaning on other people within the industry, who have certain expertise, but most of the time these people lack any experience in education and training.

That is where ODETDP comes in….

What is ODETDP?

ODETP is short for Occupationally Directed Education Training Development Practices. It is certified in the field of corporate training, skills development, assessment and curriculum design, and is aimed at people who want to implement the best practice in the work environment. This can include specific techniques that need to be followed, or certain knowledge that need to be ascertained to be more effective or efficient. Furthermore, ODETDP is not aimed at any specific field of study, and can be applied to further enhance the education and training of any field. A generic
qualification, if you like.

The benefits of studying this qualification can include:

  • Improving productivity in the work place by upskilling your employees.
  • Learning-rich environment to develop technical and soft skills.
  • Professional career development.
  • Personal development through job satisfaction, motivation and self-confidence.

With the ODETDP qualification one can build skills and get knowledge on how to facilitate learning (and build learning programmes), how to assess that learning and how to moderate the whole learning experience.

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