The reward of an internship


If you asked me, an internship is “when a student needs to join an organisation for a period of time to obtain work experience offered by an organisation



If you asked me, an internship is “when a student needs to join an organisation for a period of time to obtain work experience offered by an organisation, in order for them to achieve their qualification.” says Jasmine Sultan, ETQA Manager at Omni HR Consulting. An intern would therefore be the beneficiary of such work experience.

All too often interns are relegated to the back office of an organisation to assist with mundane and un-related tasks. However, as a private skills development provider, OMNI recognises the value of human resource development and is committed to ensuring that interns placed within the organisation receive applicable and valuable work experience in their chosen field of study.

The internship process must ensure that the intern achieves growth and development during their time at an organisation, learning not only technical skills but the soft skills required to cope in the world of work. “Having said this, don’t simply take my word for it. Let’s hear from an intern, now turned employee; Siyasanga Vena who joined my team earlier this year as an ETQA Admin Assistant” says Jasmine.

Starting my journey as an intern, working in an organisation like Omni HR Consulting has always been a dream of mine. I will always be thankful for such a wonderful opportunity.

“I was studying a qualification in Business Management, through the College of Cape Town” says Siya. Looking back on my time as an intern I was introduced into the various departments within OMNI, such as Human Resources, Marketing and Compliance and Risk.

My learning journey started off with joining a Retail Readiness Programme, through OMNI who was doing the training for one of South Africa’ largest retailer’s. Through this, I was exposed to the training and was able to support other learners as well. Being mentored and given the opportunity to grow, I was then able to help others. What more could I ask for?

Once I completed the retail programme, I was introduced to OMNI’s Risk and Compliance department. This is where I spent the most of my time as an intern and I am now based here on a fixed term employment contract. If you are wondering what a Compliance and Risk department does?

Our main focus is to ensure that our organisation complies with all regulations as set out by the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA), the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in addition to our own internal policies and procedure. One thing my team has taught me is that in our world, accuracy and attention to detail to critical.

In my team we work independently, but when the need arises we unify. Every day is a learning opportunity in the working world. A value I am proud to uphold, which is one that OMNI has taught me, is to support and respect every individual within my team, as well as my organisation. I am a young woman who started here with zero work experience and although I had challenges, adapting and understanding what needed to be done. The culture and at times the specific language, acronyms and abbreviations, can be challenging but I learnt very quickly.

In didn’t take me long to discover that in order for me to develop or grow I needed to commit and dedicate myself to the job. So, I made detailed notes, I’d ask for clarity when I needed it and when I really struggled I would ask for support- something the employees of OMNI all lined up to give me.

I have learnt so much from the Risk and Compliance team. As an employee, I am confident enough to say this: “It is imperative that you understand the role that you play within your organisation as well as the responsibilities allocated to you. Know how to manage your time accordingly and don’t forget to enjoy the job.”

For me, my career is a lifelong learning journey with every day being a stepping stone to growth.

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