Sassa Clients Urged To Exchange Expiring Gold Cards


Just under 50% of South Africa's population relies on the government’s social grants to survive every month. Some social grant beneficiaries use the government gold cards to make their monthly withdrawals, but some of these cards are expected to expire soon.




The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes a number of social grants to vulnerable individuals and in the first week of every month.  

A number of social grant beneficiaries withdraw their funds using their bank cards, whilst some of them use the Sassa gold card and this depends on the payment option that they had chosen for themselves.

In a statement, Sassa said:

Social grant beneficiaries whose gold payment cards expire in March 2023 have been urged to visit their nearest Post Office branch to collect new cards.

Sassa has also confirmed that individuals who are recipients of Older persons and Disability related grants will be assisted on Mondays and Tuesdays to exchange their card at their nearest South African Post Office (Sapo).

From Wednesdays to Saturdays, these days will be dedicated to issuing payment cards to Child Support Grants and all the other grants to clients.

These are the documents that clients will have to bring to the Post Office:

  1. Copy of their ID
  2. The expiring Sassa/Sapo gold card

Sassa clients have been advised to not to wait until the last minute, as this will result in long queues at the Post Office, making it difficult to get their new payment card on time.

Sapo staff members will be available to assist clients to activate their card with its new pin and grant beneficiaries will then be able to immediately make withdrawals and any other type of transactions.

A number of social grants will soon be distributed for the month of April in accordance with the Sassa payment schedule.


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Millions of vulnerable individuals rely on social grants from the South African Social Security Agency to purchase basic goods and services every month. Grant beneficiaries may encounter challenges accessing their money if their gold card has expired.




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