The significant benefits of early childhood development


Early childhood development is a vital investment in a child’s future. When children go through training their senses, their mental capacity becomes sharper. Discover the significant benefits that children gain by attending crèche.



Early childhood development is a vital investment in a child’s future. When children go through training their senses, their mental capacity becomes sharper. Discover the significant benefits that children gain by attending crèche.

In the age we live parents now have the option to send their children for Early Childcare Training. Childcare facilities are more accessible and is a place where children’s mental strength can be sharpened.

Early child development plays an important role in instilling skill and ability that children need for their future of learning. Childcare schools provide programmes and activities that are helpful in advancing a child’s growth.

South Africa still has a long way to go in improving the accessibility of education to young children. Due to the lack of co-operation between sponsors, private institutions and government, many areas still lack proper childcare schools. Another issue that is concerning, is affordability, or the decision that parents make not to send their children to crèche. However, this is still not reason enough to overlook the critical benefits of childcare.

According to New24 statistics on Early Childhood Development, it has been revealed that 80% of young children in South Africa do not have access to out-of-home educational care leading up to their first year in school. There is also lack of infrastructure for students to attend schools. This is due to social inequality and poverty. Another issue is that many crèches don’t have appropriate accreditation, which leads to school structures where most teachers become babysitters instead of teachers. There are crucial guidelines that assist parents on how to choose an Early childhood development centre that is reliable.

As a result, the demand for teachers with a qualification in Early Childhood Development has become crucial in education. When more professionals in child care emerge, this will alleviate the issues that exist in the childcare industry. With qualified teachers, children will enjoy quality education and more facilities will be created. These new facilities will become available to more children so that they are empowered for their future.

The benefits of having qualified teachers in Educare are that they have a professional mandate to improve the child’s mental capacity.
Teachers who study an Early Childhood Development course have a passion for what they do. They are interested in investing in the child’s growth and become effective in achieving this.

arly childhood development brings benefits such as enthusiasm for education, communication skills, ability to interact with others and so much more. Children are trained at a young age to be receptive to education and to have more capabilities. Children who attend crèche at a young age usually get ahead of their peers in future. They are mentally active with emotional intelligence that is at a higher level. Let us take a closer look at the significant benefits of early childhood development.

Behaviour is improved

Children who attend crèche become socialised at an earlier age and better aware of etiquette at an early age. They are taught discipline and responsibility at a tender age, which is vital for their success in future.
Children who are exposed to early childhood development are able to receive instruction and interpret requests more easily. This is a major advantage for parents as children are taught on behaviour and can apply these principles.

Social Skills are Developed

As children are exposed to other peers they learn how to interact with other children. Their ability to socialise and include others in what they do becomes better. Children who go to crèche develop group work skills and they cope better in social environments.

They have the confidence to contribute when teamwork is required. They are also able to listen to others and to communicate. They also are capable of dealing with conflicts that arise. Their empathy is improved and they are able to negotiate with their peers and build friendships.

Education and Life Skills are Enhanced

There are numerous skills that children can gain from attending crèche. Their numeracy, literacy skills and other early life skills become enriched. They learn more about the languages and their reading and writing skills become sharpened. The basics that they learn in crèche will prepare them to absorb advanced education as they grow.

As children become exposed to the digital world, it becomes critical to develop a higher concentration level at a young age. Children today are exposed to video games, TV cartoons and other fun activities on digital gadgets which affects their attention span. This can be perceived as a challenge or it can be a way for teachers to connect with learners. Teachers and crèches can incorporate engaging digitised learning in their teaching methods.

Passion for Education is Increased

As children get used to learning from an early age they become more open to learning more. Their enthusiasm to gain skills and be educated becomes greater than before. Early childhood training enables them to be successful in their studies.

They also have a greater commitment to complete their studies and allow education to transform their minds. They are trained from a young age to become patient and to be responsible for their tasks. These values and abilities are instilled during early childhood development.




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