Stellenbosch Accused Of Dragging Feet With Racism Investigation


Stellenbosch University is being accused of dragging its feet and being selective in which demands they have met in regards to the recent racism incident at the institution.




In a statement, the university says it has implemented comprehensive measures to combat racism on campus to ensure the safety of its students. This communication came out after a racism incident took place at the Huis Marais residence where a white student, Theuns Du Toit was recorded urinating on the belongings of a black student.

The SA Human Rights Commission has given Stellenbosch University until 3 June to provide its findings into two alleged incidents of racism at the institution. One is related to the racism incident mentioned above.

They added that they received a lot of complaints of unfair discrimination at the university based on sexual orientation.  

The commission's Andre Gaum said, “We do need to look at it holistically and therefore the diversity program that is in the process of development by the vice-chancellors themselves is quite critical in taking us forward”.  

While the University has suspended Du Toit, student unions want him expelled from the institution. The University has also been criticised for missing its seven-day deadline to deal with student grievances.

The South African Students Congress’ Sifiso Zungu says the union is happy that Stellenbosch University has spoken about a possible commission of enquiry, but they are being selective in meeting the demands the student union submitted. The university allegedly only responded to two of the 15 demands given to them by student unions.

Zungu said, “Yes we are happy about that, but the unfortunate part is that they then decide to be selective in the demands that were submitted to them to say which one they will respond to”.





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