Stellenbosch Investigation Into Racist Attack Remains Ongoing


The investigation into an alleged racist attack by a white student at Stellenbosch University remains ongoing. Several student unions have called for the expulsion of the perpetrator Theuns Du Toit from the university.




Stellenbosch University in a statement said the investigation into the racist attack perpetrated against Babalo Ndwayana is still ongoing.

Ndwayana was woken by what he described as a strange noise in the early hours of Sunday morning. He investigated the source of the noise, he found that a Du Toit had broken into his room and was urinating on his belongings in an alleged racially charged attack.

The university has said while the investigation into the attack is receiving priority attention, and proper governance and procedures must be followed. They believe this is essential for a decisive outcome which will allow for the full extent of the law as well as compliance with the university's governance regulations to be applied.

“Despite the University's strongest condemnation of any incident motivated by racism, coupled with the significant and understandable public outcry, the due process of law must be followed to secure a solidly defensible outcome to the situation at hand” declared the University.

The South African Union Of Students (SAUS) have voiced their anger around the incident that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning.

SAUS union wants Du Toit expelled immediately. The union also voiced their support for calls for the disbandment of the Huis Marais residence where the incident took place. They believe that it contributes in the institutionalisation of racism and bigotry.

“As SAUS, we further call on the university to institute an urgent and independent enquiry into the practices and institutional culture of the university as it pertains to transformation, to detect the enablers of such acts and to chart an authentic approach to addressing transformation and racism” concluded SAUS.





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