Stellenbosch University Postpones Examinations


Stellenbosch University has been in the news for the wrong reasons after the university had to deal with an incident of racism and the sexual assault female of a student in separate incidents.  




The university has decided to postpone examinations for a week after unified requests from all student leadership structures.

They said, “The university announced on Friday that the examinations would be postponed from their scheduled start on Monday, May 23 and would now start on Monday, 30 May”.

The university added that all assessments which had deadlines for this coming week will also be extended by one week.

This decision comes after disruptions took place in the wake of the racism incident which took place at the Huis Marias residence on Sunday and the sexual assault of a female student on Tuesday.

Professor Deresh Ramjugernath, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Learning and Teaching said the decision to postpone examinations and assessments was taken after consultation and careful deliberation.

Ramjugernath said, “We understand that there's been significant trauma and discomfort and our students are in a challenging mental state, and in an emotional state where it's very difficult for them to write the exams come Monday.”

He added that the decision to postpone examinations and assessments received overwhelming support from all the representatives from the faculties within the Learning and Teaching Workstream.





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