Thinking Of Studying Accounting At Unisa?



Are you interested in numbers? Does the world of finance intrigue you? Why not enrol in a financial or accounting qualification at Unisa.



Whether it's financial management, auditing or taxation you can now pursue a recognized degree through Unisa's distance learning platform. Unisa's College of Accounting Sciences aims to mould students so that they can empower others to use financial resources responsibly and ethically.

Aspiring students can choose one of the following fields for Unisa courses:


An external auditor identifies the risks associated with a business. Qualified auditors design and perform audit procedures that minimise potential risks.

Financial accounting

Financial accounting focuses on bookkeeping and the preparation of financial statements. Graduates will be able to start their own accounting practice or join an established firm.

Forensic auditing

Forensic auditors specialise in white-collar crime by reducing illegal activities in this sector. Graduates in financial accounting or internal auditing may specialise through further postgraduate studies to become forensic auditors.

Management accounting

Management accountants supervise internal accounting functions within a business. For example, they will oversee operating budgets, internal financial reporting, restructuring of businesses, take-overs and mergers.


Taxation focuses on the preparation of tax returns for individuals and businesses. It also includes the study of tax case law and the fiscal budget, providing opportunities for consulting on taxation matters. 




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