TVET Student Allowances Expected To Be Paid Soon


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme covers a number of costs for its bursary recipients, such as tuition fees, accommodation, and student allowances. The government bursary has made new progress with paying out allowance funds.




At the start of the academic year, most institutions of higher learning require students to make upfront payments to cover costs such as registration fees, before they can attend classes.

Higher Education Minister Dr. Blade Nzimande made an announcement that National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) will make upfront payments to institutions to cover for costs related to registration, tuition fees and living allowances by the end of January 2023.

Recently, the Scheme has explained that payments have been successfully made to Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges that have submitted registration information for students and will continue to make payments as and when information is received.

In a statement, Nsfas has also announced:

All TVET students whose registration data has been received by the Scheme should receive allowances by 10 March 2023

This applies to TVET College students that have been accepted for 2023 funding through the government bursary scheme.

The table below indicates the allowances applicable to TVET College students for the 2023 academic year:

According to Nsfas, the allowances have been adjusted to address the gap between TVET College students and university students.

Nsfas-funded students who are also distance-learning TVET College students only qualify for the personal care allowance of R3,045.

Students that have been registered for an occupational qualification may qualify for allowances only when they are in simulated training and students who have an employment contract do not qualify for Nsfas allowances.

Students that currently reside in student residences, qualify for one accommodation allowance type per academic term, explained Nsfas.

Students that stay with relatives or immediate family members will not be provided with accommodation allowances.

Should students not be allocated accommodation by their TVET College, they have the option of applying to Nsfas for private accommodation.

The institution and Nsfas will be facilitating the rental/lease agreement on favourable terms for the student and students will also be required to confirm proof of home address when applying for student housing.

Those who do not provide the Scheme with the proof of payment will automatically qualify for the travel allowance and not the accommodation allowance.

Students have been encouraged to onboard themselves for the Nsfas bank account if they have not yet done so, to be able to receive their allowances.


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